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Shepparton – Wyndham House Clinic

Wyndham House Clinic’s focus on delivering quality whole-of-life care means that registrars placed with the Shepparton clinic can learn a particularly broad range of skills.

Through its attached specialist centre, Wyndham House provides access to specialists in cardiology, rheumatology, psychiatry and podiatry. Registrars also benefit from interacting with allied health professionals, including an occupational therapist and a psychologist.

Practice Manager Rhonda Rose said that the two GP supervisors at the clinic lead the training, while other doctors in the practice were also willing to hold discussions to help registrars broaden their knowledge.

“Our two supervisors have a huge amount of experience, and work very differently, which is a good learning opportunity for the registrars,” she said.

“We have another doctor who works in women’s health, she’s happy to call the registrars in to observe as well – all our doctors are very supportive, two of them were registrars here themselves.”

Rhonda said that the clinic isn’t a strictly hierarchical culture, which helps new registrars to fit in.

“We have a very flat structure. Our two supervisors are very important, but then so are our other staff. Everybody has respect, everybody is important,” she said.

“After six months here, our registrars are blended in with everyone else and part of the big family. No question is a silly question, the only silly question is the one you don’t ask.”

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