Current Research Projects

Victorian Rural Generalist Program (VRGP) statewide evaluation of rural generalist advanced obstetrics training

Project team:

  • Dr Duncan Howard, Clinical Lead, MCCC GP Training
  • Sara Newton, Project Manager, MCCC GP Training
  • Malia Lardelli, Research Support Officer, MCCC GP Training
  • Christine Bottrell, Senior Research Fellow, MCCC GP Training
  • Dr Graham Slaney, Clinical Lead – Obstetrics, VRGP

Funders: Department of Health

Dates: May 2021-April 2022

Description of Project

This evaluation is a systematic and cohesive scope of Rural Generalist (RG) Advanced Obstetrics Training; we aim to discuss strengths and challenges in training programs offered in remote, rural, and regional centres of Victoria. Data collection and analysis will be both retrospective and prospective and includes rigorous identification, hypothesising, and the development of a database of successful models of Advanced RG Training to inform future policy and practice. This evaluation will also facilitate and examine dialogue between key stakeholders at a state- and site-specific level.

Contact Dr Duncan Howard regarding this evaluation project.