News & Updates - Supervisors & Practice Managers

Update for supervisors of training term 2 registrars in 2021

We are trialing a registrar self-refection (SRT) and practice feedback tool (PFT) as part of the Further Assessment for this cohort, replacing the practice manager report.

Full details of the steps required for this new process are available in the IA/FA/T3A guidance document.

Summary of FA steps:

  • The registrar completes a self-reflection on MeL
  • The practice manager is sent a link to the feedback tool on MeL and shares it with 4 other staff members to complete (recommended: two clinical staff, not including other registrars or supervising GPs)
  • The registrar is sent a collated, anonymous report of PFT by MCCC in week 7
  • The registrar discusses the PFT with the PM and/or supervisor and completes a validation on MeL
  • Any concerns that cannot be managed at the practice level are to be discussed with the RHE
  • The training advisor will ensure that the discussion has taken place and will liaise with the registrar at approx. week 10.

Further information about the above steps will be issued to practices in 2021 and we welcome feedback from practices regarding the trial FA format.