Registrar updates

Upcoming mock RACGP exams

Mock CCE

For those registered for the June RACGP Clinical Competency Exam (CCE): you should have received an invitation to a mock CCE in your region, happening in May. If not, please contact your Education and Project Support Officer (EPSO).

Mock AKT and KFP papers

For those registered to sit RACGP Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) and Key Feature Problem (KFP) exams in July 2022, MCCC runs standard set mock papers online, which will be open from 13/5/22 to 23/5/22 on MeL. This will be followed by a webinar in your region to go through technique and common problems. If you are sitting RACGP exams in July and  have not received an invitation to register for MCCC mock exams, please contact your EPSO.