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Practice placement process

Find out how registrars are placed into an accredited training clinic/facility.

The placement process

Registrar practice placement, where trainees are placed into an accredited training clinic or facility, is a complex process. It takes into account both training and community needs, whilst meeting criteria from the AGPT program and the two GP Colleges (RACGP and ACRRM). We are committed to ensuring that our placement process delivers the best outcome to all concerned.

Placement applies to all registrars in Training Terms (TT) 1 – 4 and may include those in extension terms. This can be either two x six-month placements or one x 12-month placement per year. Registrars apply to practices as they would for any employment opportunity, with a CV and cover letter, in the hope of securing an interview. Placements are considered binding and trainees are expected to live within 60 minutes of their training clinic.

Registrars are encouraged to apply for priority placement to jump the queue, have certainty where they will live and work and to experience a unique, interesting training environment.

Rural practices offers a broad scope of practice, clinical and patient diversity, cradle-to-grave medicine, continuity of care and the opportunity to specialise in an area of interest to enhance their clinical and procedural skills.

Types of placement

Rural generalist placement (April to August)

This placement ONLY applies to rural generalists. they can apply for special skills posts and positions at practices who offer the opportunity to consolidate their skills. Rural generalist trainees indicate their interest to MCCC and the placements are overseen by the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV).

Priority placement (September)

All registrars are given the opportunity to jump the queue and have the opportunity to secure their preferred practice within our list of priority practices. They can apply anywhere within our footprint.

Competitive placement (October to November)

This takes place after priority placement and is open to TT 1-4s and those who were unsuccessful in priority placement. You must apply WITHIN your designated region. As the name indicates, this is highly competitive. GP trainees are encouraged to apply to priority placement.

Directed placement (November)

If registrars are still unsuccessful in being placed, they are then directed to apply to available practices anywhere within our footprint. Choice of practices are limited in this stage.

For more information on all of these placement categories, dates and requirements, view the Placement Handbook 2023 here.

Registrar practice placement overview

A general overview of the process – please note this is subject to change.

Interview resources

The GPRA website has a number of resources that can help you with the interview process.

These resources include a webinar on negotiating contacts and a handy checklist of things you may need to speak with potential practices about.

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