Doctors who join GP training in our region develop specialist skills and knowledge through supervised work placements in hospitals and accredited GP teaching practices that service the health needs of metropolitan, regional and remote communities across Victoria.

What’s involved in being a supervisor/training facility?

An accredited training facility comprises a practice and GP supervisor/s that are able and willing to provide GP trainees with the level of supervision, teaching and educational experience to support their progress through the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program. Training facilities are accredited by MCCC.

Training with either ACRRM or the RACGP depending on the location and range of experiences they can offer the GP trainee.

As most of a GP trainees’ training takes place in a general practice, GP supervisors play an essential role in their development into a confident and competent GP. Supervisors have four key areas of responsibility:

  • Supervision: Supervisors are required to be on-site for a percentage of the time the registrar is in practice, depending on their stage of training.
  • Teaching: Supervisors are required to provide in-practice teaching to registrars. This may include formal teaching activities, as well as informal activities such as direct observation, corridor consultations and case audits. The amount of teaching required will depend on the registrars’ stage of training.
  • Continuing professional development: Supervisors are required to maintain their continuing professional development as an educator. They can participate in a variety of CPD activities, which are valuable educational and networking opportunities.
  • Administration: Supervisors are required to participate in activities such as providing formal feedback to registrars, maintaining activity logs, and advertising training vacancies.

Want more information? See our handy practice guide to find out more.

Practice managers and GP training

Practice managers are central to the success of a GP trainee’s placement, providing crucial support, including orientation, enabling access to medical software, coordinating paperwork with the registrar and GP supervisor, ensuring a room is timetabled for independent consulting and ensuring supervisors allocate dedicated time for teaching.

Our Registrar Education and Practice Support (REAPS) team regularly visit individual practices to discuss future training capacity at the practice, provide administrative updates, including support with e-learning and online data recording systems, and identify any remediation or special support required for registrars. We host workshops for practice managers in each region for the purpose of providing updates, offering professional development and encouraging sharing of ideas across a peer network

Interested in applying for accreditation? Check if you are suited to GP training

Before applying to become an accredited training practice, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Am I ready to commit to teaching?
  • Do I have the time each week in my schedule to set aside for teaching?
  • Is the practice AGPAL/GPA accredited?
  • Is there sufficient consulting space available for a registrar to work in?
  • Does my practice offer a wide range of clinical services and procedures to ensure the registrar has a positive experience in general practice?
  • Am I comfortable with the understanding that being accredited does not guarantee I will receive a GP trainee?