Screening checklist

Requirements of a prospective training post/supervisor prior to making application for accreditation with MCCC GP Training.

  1. Meet either RACGP or ACRRM training standards for the post

    Applicable RACGP Standards

    Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) / General Practice Accreditation (GPA) accreditation or application in process

    Applicable ACRRM Standards

    Post possesses characteristics of rural and remote location

    Access to telephone, fax, internet, videoconferencing facilities

    Use computer and software for patient records

    Dedicated well equipped registrar consulting room or suitable alternative arrangements

    Essential medical equipment as per ACRRM Standards

    Provision of adequate and appropriate patient workload for registrars.

  2. Meet the following MCCC requirements for a training post

    Located in MCCC geographical area

    Located in an area deemed by MCCC to be in need of training posts

    Range of patient demographic is suitable and adequate patient numbers to train a registrar

    Be able to employ a registrar for agreed and full length of placement

    Selected practices that meet DOH defined needs (practice situated in outer metropolitan areas, dedicated aboriginal health services).

  3. Meet the following RACGP or ACRRM standards for supervisors

    Applicable RACGP standards: requirements for initial accreditation

    Supervisor holds full, current and unrestricted specialist AHPRA registration

    Professional involvement and active in broader general practice profession

    Applicable ACRRM standards: requirements for initial accreditation

    Supervisor holds full, current and unconditional AHPRA registration

    Hold FACRRM or assessed equivalent

    Not less than 5 years full time experience in rural or remote general practice

    Provision of Curriculum Vitae (Non-FACRRM only)

    Professional referees and recommendation from Regional Training Organisation (RTO), colleague or specialist or employer on prospective supervisor as a role model

    Ability to organize clinical workload to comply with supervision requirements

    Provision of a list of names of prospective additional supervisors.

  4. Meet the following MCCC requirements for supervisors

    Minimum of four years full time general practice experience for prospective lead supervisors and three years full time general practice experience for additional supervisors (this may include time in general practice vocational training). One year of this time in each case needs to be in Australia.

    Previous experience in medical education or training (desirable)

    Provision of a CV with two suitable referees (at least one to be from a person who does not work in your practice).