Practice managers are central to the success of a GP registrar placement, providing crucial support, including orientation, enabling access to medical software, coordinating paperwork with the registrar and GP supervisor, ensuring a room is timetabled for independent consulting and ensuring supervisors allocate dedicated time for teaching.
This space provides you with AGPT program and MCCC updates relevant to the administrative processes of in-practice GP training.
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Change to base salary rate for GP registrars

GPSA recently released a statement to its members notifying them of changes to the GP registrar base rate of pay. A copy of the statement has been emailed to practices for your convenience.

The new rates of pay for registrars training in the AGPT program are effective from 6 August 2018 (2018.2 term). This is in alignment with clause 11.1 from the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER).

Please note, your practice may need to arrange for backpay to registrars from 6 August. Information regarding payroll adjustment is available directly from GPSA and on the GPSA website.

MCCC is not party to negotiations of the NTCER. Kindly direct all queries regarding the changes to GPSA on 03 5440 9077.

Change to base salary rate for GP registrars

MCCC has recently modified the RCTI format to enable inclusion of on-call consulting hours. A video presentation is available within the practice managers section of Mel to assist in reviewing the RCTI changes. A guidance document was sent to practice managers in early February and is available here.

Only face-to-face time is able to be included (billable time). Whilst the practice manager is able to utilise item numbers billed to prompt that face to face consults have occurred, each practice needs to establish a process for the registrar to communicate the actual time spent consulting with the practice manager. This would also be the case with hospital attendances that may not be billed via Medicare.

Including this face-to-face time gives a broader perspective of registrar time. It also balances out any face to face time the registrar may have potentially lost with fatigue leave. If you have further questions regarding adding on-call consulting time on RCTIs, please contact your REAPS.