Matching a registrar to your practice

MCCC’s registrar placement process is based on an open-market style system whereby accredited training practices are invited twice per year to advertise training placements and registrars can then apply for those vacancies.

To ensure appropriate distribution of registrars around our regions, registrars are required to train in locations across the MCCC footprint. This means registrars may only be able to train at a particular practice for 6 or maybe 12 months at the most.

In our Metro West region in particular, there may be more training vacancies than there are registrars available. This means that some practices may not attract a GP registrar to their practice.

Employing and training GP Registrars

MCCC recommends that GP supervisors and training facilities approach the employment of a GP registrar as they would any prospective practice employee, conducting a face-to-face interview wherever possible, and requesting that GP registrars provide:

  • an up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • evidence of any required professional certifications, e.g. CPR, Medical Board registration
  • professional referees (including past employers at current training facility), and
  • current training transcript/record.

GP registrars must be an employee of the accredited training facility for the duration of their placement and have a signed employee agreement that sets out the terms of that employment. It is the training facility’s responsibility to:

  • Meet the terms outlined in the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars. Download the current NTCER here
  • Ensure GP registrars employed at your facility do the same range of work and keep similar hours as the other GPs at your facility, including weekend work, and hospital and nursing home visits in accordance with the GP registrar’s term-level.

MCCC recommends that accredited teaching practices use the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER) to develop contracts with registrars undertaking GP training. A template contract which is compliant with the NTCER is available here.

GP registrars must maintain their own professional indemnity insurance cover throughout their training and should provide their training facility with a copy of this.

General Practice Supervisors Australia offers useful information available to support GP supervisors and training facilities.

TIP If you are using an alternative award or agreement to develop a contract with a registrar at your practice, it must comply with the minimum standards outlined in the 2017 NTCER. Please use caution if deciding to utilise Awards or Enterprise Bargaining Agreements to which your practice may not be a respondent such as the Victorian Public Health Sector (AMA Victoria) – Doctors in Training (Single Interest Employers) Enterprise Agreement 2013. Employment agreements are between the employer and the employee, i.e. the practice and the registrar. MCCC does not offer industrial relations advice regarding employment contracts for registrars.