Apply to become an accredited training facility

Interested in applying for accreditation? Check if you are suited to GP training

Before applying to become an accredited training practice, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I ready to commit to teaching?
  • Do I have the time each week in my schedule to set aside for teaching?
  • Is the practice AGPAL/GPA accredited?
  • Is there sufficient consulting space available for a registrar to work in?
  • Does my practice offer a wide range of clinical services and procedures to ensure the registrar has a positive experience in general practice?
  • Am I comfortable with the understanding that being accredited does not guarantee I will receive a registrar?

Yes, I’m ready to apply! How the accreditation process works

If you have answered yes to the questions above, you are ready to apply for accreditation as a training facility with MCCC GP Training. Here’s the key steps:

  1. Download and fill in a new training facility accreditation expression of interest form.
  2. Submit your form
  3. We’ll be in touch within two weeks to discuss your application and the next steps.
  4. Once accreditation is approved, your practice will be asked to sign a Training Services Deed. After signing, MCCC will list your training capacity of the MCCC website and give you login access to create and manage a practice profile page.

Successful completion of the training post accreditation process will result in accreditation for a period of three years, subject to continuing compliance with ACRRM or RACGP standards and meeting contractual obligations with MCCC GP Training.