Past Research Projects

Protected teaching time in general practice

Project team:

  • Dr Tim Clement (communicating author, MCCC)
  • Dr Eldon Lyon
  • Dr Duncan Howard (MCCC)
  • Professor John Loughran (Monash University)


Education Research Grant from the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine


August 2017 – August 2018

Project Details:

The broad aim of this project is to explore how GP-supervisors’ knowledge of general practice is combined with their knowledge of teaching and knowledge of vocational trainees to deliver instruction during ‘protected teaching time’. (This amalgam of ‘knowledges’ is known as ‘pedagogical content knowledge’ (PCK).)

A multiple case-study design using qualitative methods provides the framework for this study. Data will be gathered through interviews, observation, the documentation of teaching artefacts, and the video-recording of protected teaching followed by a stimulated recall interview with the GP-supervisor.

The study is guided by an overarching question and sub-questions:

  • How do GP-supervisors think about what they do in protected teaching time?
  • How do GP-supervisors combine their knowledge of general practice with knowledge of pedagogical strategies and vocational trainees to plan and deliver instruction during protected teaching time?
  • Is it possible to capture, document and portray GP-supervisors’ PCK in a way that might be shared (thus avoiding other GP-supervisors having to ‘reinvent the wheel?’)
  • For what purposes are cases and case-methods employed in protected teaching?

Conference presentations:

Clement, T. (2018) Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), aka ‘Teaching Scripts’: An under-discussed and under-used concept in medical education? Paper given at the ANZAHPE 2018 Conference, 1-4 July 2018, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania.