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Camperdown Clinic

Camperdown is an agricultural centre located on the world’s third largest volcanic plain and surrounded by large salt and fresh water lakes, between Colac and Terang with a population of around 3,500 people.

The Camperdown Clinic provides whole of care healthcare to Camperdown and the surrounding community. Supervisor’s special interests lie in anaesthetics, O&G and public health.

The commercial centre of Camperdown is distinguished by a 2 km long row of elm trees along the main thoroughfare. A 30 metre tall Gothic-style clock tower is one of the towns most famous icons.

For stunning views of the surrounding volcanic peaks, plains and lakes, take a short drive south to the top of Mount Leura. A walking trail extends from the lookout to neighbouring volcanic cone of Mount Sugarloaf.

Along the Princes Highway around Camperdown and neighbouring towns are remnants of stone walls built in the 1800s in at attempt to keep rabbits out of farm land as well as to clear the fields of stones.

Registrar testimonial

“My name is Tim Noone and I’m presently a GPT2 registrar at the Camperdown Clinic. I came to general practice after a number of years of physician training in hospitals. So far I’ve really enjoyed the variability and flexibility of general practice. I’ve found The Camperdown Clinic to be a great place to start my GP journey and everyone has been really supportive of my training.”