Supervisors needed – Innovative professional development opportunity

Interested in doing professional development differently?

MCCC is looking to trial an innovative form of professional development for GP supervisors. Instead of leaving your practice to attend an external event, a Medical Educator and the research team will visit your practice to work with you and interested members of the supervisory team to explore a self-identified teaching and learning issue.

You will be paid for participating in the project, which will additionally meet MCCC’s requirement to participate in a ‘core educational activity’ for 2021. Your time commitment will be equivalent to the time that you would typically spend at a one-day workshop.

See the explanatory statement here which provides more detailed information about the project. Should you wish to discuss opting-in or wish a more detailed discussion about the project please contact Dr Gerard Ingham or Dr Tim Clement, or you can read more here.

Dr Gerard Ingham –  Chief Investigator, MCCC GP Training – phone: 0438 346 975 or

Dr Tim Clement – Associate researcher, MCCC GP Training – phone: 0419 857 153 or

Changes to Supervisor Reports in SWAN

Supervisor Reports for the Initial Assessment (IA), Further Assessments (FA) and Term 3 Assessment (T3A) are due by week 6 of the 2021.1 semester. Registrars value your feedback and so we recommend you consider doing some direct observation of registrars you are supervising, regardless of their training level.

There will now be a section within the Supervisor Report for you to record your feedback on the consultations observed, so that both you and your registrar can refer to it.

The consultation feedback section will look like the below and further information about the changes will be provided to you in the new year.

Please see here for 2021.1 Initial Assessment, Further Assessment and Term 3 Assessment dates.

Hear more about the changes to supervisor reports, practice feedback requirements and professional development activities in our December podcast episode!

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Update for supervisors of training term 2 registrars in 2021

We are trialing a registrar self-refection (SRT) and practice feedback tool (PFT) as part of the Further Assessment for this cohort, replacing the practice manager report.

Full details of the steps required for this new process are available in the IA/FA/T3A guidance document.

Summary of FA steps:

  • The registrar completes a self-reflection on MeL
  • The practice manager is sent a link to the feedback tool on MeL and shares it with 4 other staff members to complete (recommended: two clinical staff, not including other registrars or supervising GPs)
  • The registrar is sent a collated, anonymous report of PFT by MCCC in week 7
  • The registrar discusses the PFT with the PM and/or supervisor and completes a validation on MeL
  • Any concerns that cannot be managed at the practice level are to be discussed with the RHE
  • The training advisor will ensure that the discussion has taken place and will liaise with the registrar at approx. week 10.

Further information about the above steps will be issued to practices in 2021 and we welcome feedback from practices regarding the trial FA format.

Update for supervisors of training term 3 registrars in 2021

The term 3 assessment applies to registrars who are transitioning term 2 to 3 in February (or within 3 months either side).

The supervisor report on SWAN will ask you whether you feel your registrar has had their training adversely affected by COVID and whether you feel MCCC should provide them with more support.

As with all supervisor reports, there will now be a table to record your feedback on registrar consultations observed.

MCCC support

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