Supervisor and Training Practice Audit: Development and Evaluation (SPADE) research project

Supervisors needed – Innovative professional development opportunity for supervisors

Interested in doing professional development differently?

MCCC is looking to trial an innovative form of professional development for GP supervisors. Instead of leaving your practice to attend an external event, a Medical Educator and the research team will visit your practice to work with you and interested members of the supervisory team to explore a self-identified teaching and learning issue.

You will be paid for participating in the project, which will additionally meet MCCC’s requirement to participate in a ‘core educational activity’ for 2021. Your time commitment will be equivalent to the time that you would typically spend at a one-day workshop.

See the explanatory statement here which provides more detailed information about the project. Should you wish to discuss opting-in or wish a more detailed discussion about the project please contact Dr Gerard Ingham or Dr Tim Clement.

Dr Gerard Ingham –  Chief Investigator, MCCC GP Training – phone: 0438 346 975 or

Dr Tim Clement – Associate researcher, MCCC GP Training – phone: 0419 857 153 or

Project team:
  • Dr Gerard Ingham – Chief Investigator, MCCC GP Training
  • Dr Tim Clement – Senior Research Fellow, MCCC GP Training
  • Associate Professor Katrina Anderson – Academic Lead, Australian National University

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners


4 January – 31 December 2021

Description of project:

The purpose of this action research study is to implement and refine a novel form of ‘supervisor professional development’ – a self-directed quality improvement activity. The intervention, delivered in general practice training posts, aims to improve supervisor teaching and the practice learning environment. The research is guided by the following overarching question:

How can we use a quality improvement activity to help an in-practice ‘supervisory team’ improve a self-identified aspect of their teaching and learning practices?

The project draws on the notion of the ‘teacher researcher’. In the project’s context, this is Medical Educators carrying out research into their own practice. The quality improvement activity will be implemented in four training posts, with four related action research cycles of planning, action, observation, and reflection.