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Vaccine requirement

Find out more about the requirement to be vaccinated for MCCC events, how this will be implemented and how your information will be stored.

What do I need to know about vaccination requirements?

1. Do I have to be vaccinated to attend an event?

  • Yes, everyone attending an MCCC face-to-face event or activity has to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • You must provide proof of vaccination unless a medical exemption applies.

More information:

The Victorian Government has recently mandated that persons attending healthcare facilities (including registrars, facilitators, actors and volunteers) are required to provide evidence of their COVID-19 vaccination status.  It will be unlawful for them to enter a healthcare facility unless a specific medical exemption applies.  MCCC fits within this order due to the nature of activities we perform.

In accordance with the public health order, MCCC is required to collect, record and hold vaccination information, including:

  • Vaccination status (partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated or unvaccinated)
  • If partially vaccinated or unvaccinated, whether you are booked to receive further dose/s by the given deadlines
  • If fully vaccinated, evidence of all vaccinations.

MCCC will be complying with all public health orders in place and will be requesting people to provide this information (as outlined above) prior to their attendance at the next MCCC face-to-face (out-of-practice) education event or activity.

2. How will this work?

  • You need to show evidence of your doses of the COVID-19 vaccination
  • MCCC will be requesting to sight evidence of your vaccination doses
  • If you are not fully vaccinated, MCCC will discuss options with you.

More information:

An MCCC representative will ask to sight evidence on your arrival at a face-to-face event or activity, to confirm your vaccination status. An easy way to present this is by downloading your immunisation history from the Medicare App, storing it under ‘Offline Items’ for easy access when required. For instructions on how to do this, please click here.

If you are unvaccinated, or partially vaccinated at the time of the face-to-face event or activity, in the interests of health and safety, MCCC will notify you to NOT attend face-to-face and discuss alternatives with you.

3. How is my information stored?

  • Confirmation of the sighting of your vaccination information only will be recorded – please do not email certificates to MCCC
  • This information will be held confidentially for the duration of your training with MCCC
  • MCCC will NOT be storing your COVID-19 certificates on their records.

More information:

If you have a Victorian Government medical contraindication (in the form approved by the Victorian Government) or have any other concerns, you will be provided with an MCCC representative for a confidential discussion.

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