1. Registrar Placement

Registrar Placement

Registrar Placement

The placing or GP trainees into a training practice is a complex process. It takes into account the needs and requirements of registrars, the accredited training practice and supervisors, whilst meeting criteria set down by the AGPT program and the two GP colleges (RACGP and ACRRM).

We are committed to ensuring that our placement process delivers the best outcome to all concerned.  Our training operations staff work hard to ensure that the matching of registrars and practices:

  • Assists in building a sustainable primary healthcare team within the MCCC footprint, especially in areas of higher workforce need
  • Encourages rural registrars to take advantage of the more rural and remote practices within the MCCC region
  • Ensures equitable distribution of registrars to training practices
  • Supports registrars’ individual training needs
  • Exposes registrars to a variety of practices in the MCCC regions.

All details of the process can be found in the Registrar Placement Process Guide. Further information can also be found in the Registrar Placement Policy and the Training Obligations Policy.


A general overview of the process is as follows. Please note this is subject to change.

Interview resources from GPRA

The GPRA website has a number of resources that can help you with the interview process.

These resources include a webinar on negotiating contacts and a handy checklist of things you may need to speak with potential practices about.