Registrar Placement Process – information for registrars

Registrar Placement (formerly referred to as Practice Match) is a complex process. It takes into account registrar training needs and community needs, whilst meeting criteria set down by the AGPT program and the two GP Colleges (RACGP and ACRRM).

MCCC is committed to ensuring that our placement process delivers the best outcome to all concerned.

We thank all registrars and practices for their participation in the 2021 placement process.

Information about the 2022 Registrar Placement Process will be available in 2021.

It is vital that you read the following resources to be fully aware of all requirements and responsibilities associated with the Placement Process.

Important dates and points needing action by registrars for the Priority, Competitive and Directed stages of the Placement Process are detailed in the drop down menus below.
IMPORTANT: The Placement Process is for registrars with an AGPT position with MCCC in 2021, not second/final intake candidates who are still progressing through the selection process and are yet to receive an offer of training for 2021.

Competitive Placement Process: 8 October – 16 November

The preferencing period of the Competitive Placement stage is now closed.

MCCC will now review submitted data from registrars and practices and notify parties of outcomes by 16 November.

Please contact your REAPS if you have NOT completed the preferencing survey or if you have any queries about the registrar placement process.

Competitive Placement Process: 8 October – 16 November
Before the Competitive Placement stage begins
Key dates
Finding a Practice
Registrar obligations
Submitting your preferences
I didn’t get offered any interviews, what do I do?
Before the Competitive Placement stage begins

Before the Priority Placement Process begins, ensure you have:

  • Developed a resume
  • Tailored your cover letter
  • Researched practices in your region that meet your training requirements
  • Read the placement guide and policies
  • Visited the GPRA website for tips for interviews.
Key dates
Dates Action or note
8 October Submit applications to preferred practices
13 October Applications close
13-19 October Shortlisted applicants notified
19-21 October Second round of applications

If you did not receive invitations to interview, continue to apply to practices during this period

22 Oct – 10 November Attend interviews

Interviews must be conducted during this period. Any held outside of this window will be considered invalid for placement

By 10 November Registrars submit their preferences to REAPS via link provided
From 16 November Placement outcomes notified by MCCC

Unsuccessful applicants participate in the Directed Placement stage

Finding a Practice

A list will be available further below on this page on 8 October, detailing practices offering placements in 2021.

IMPORTANT: You must use the filters to search for placements that suit your specific training level, college pathway and relevant time
fraction. Other search capabilities include inner and outer metro for Metro West registrars.

Once you have filtered appropriately, click on the clinic name to see their full practice profile. Practice profiles include valuable details about additional learning opportunities at the clinic, supervisor special skills/interest areas and community/tourism information about the local area.

Make sure you take time to read these and keep an open mind about where you might apply to – there are some fantastic placements in rural locations.

Registrar obligations

You must comply with the following conditions of the 2021 Registrar Placement Process:

  • Registrar Placement Protocols as specified in the Registrar Placement Guide
  • The information contained in the MCCC Operational Procedure for pre-existing relationships (including registrar ownership of a training practice) and the employment of GP registrars 
  • Understand that full-time placements means a minimum of 38 hours employment per week
  • If applying for part-time placements you need pre-approval from MCCC before interviewing at practices
  • Submit three genuine placement options in your preference survey submission. If not, you will not be eligible for the Competitive Placement Process and may need to participate in the Directed Placement Process
  • Understand that MCCC is solely responsible for all placement decisions – both a registrar’s training needs and the needs of the community will be considered before any HD to HD matches
  • Have attended an interview with all the practices listed in your preference submission
  • Acknowledge you are prepared to be placed in any of the practices you list in your preference submission
  • Understand that all placements are binding.
Submitting your preferences

You will be sent a link to a survey, in which you must submit to MCCC a minimum of 3 preferences for where you would like to train in 2021.

The survey asks for the following information:

  • The practice name
  • The placement length – all year (12 months), semester 1 or semester 2 (6 months)
  • Highly Desirable or Desirable – you may only preference one Highly Desirable (HD) practice but can preference any number of Desirable (D) practices.


You MUST indicate at least three preferences for a valid submission. If your submission does not meet this requirement, you will be placed into the Direct Placement phase following the Competitive Placement period.

Preferences will be reviewed by MCCC and you will be notified of outcomes from 16 November onwards.

Please read the Registrar Placement Guide for full details of preferencing and allocation processes.

IMPORTANT: You will only be considered by practices if you have interviewed with them ie if you have not attended an interview at a practice, you cannot preference them.

I didn’t get offered any interviews, what do I do?

If you do not receive invitations to interview following the first round of shortlisting (13-19 October), please continue to apply to practices between 19-21 October.

Your REAPS Coordinator will be available to help you identify practices which suit your training requirements and that are still accepting applications.

Throughout the full Registrar Placement Process MCCC will be monitoring vacancies and providing advice to registrars and practices of possible placements. However, should you be unmatched at the completion of the Competitive Placement Process, you will need to be placed through the Directed Placement Process.

During the Directed Placement period, unmatched registrars will be directed to apply to unmatched clinics.

The preferencing period is now closed. Please contact your REAPS Coordinator if you have not completed the preferencing survey
Competitive Placement Practices
To search for practices with vacancies in 2021

The application period for the 2021 Competitive Placement Process is now closed. 

Please contact your REAPS Coordinator if you do not have enough interviews arranged to submit three genuine preferences.

Metro west registrars: The filter for Semester 1 & 2 (12 month placements) will not display results. You MUST filter by semester 1 and semester 2 independently for two x 6 month placements; 12 month placements are not offered in the metro west region. 
Directed Placement Process: 17 November onwards
Important dates – tasks for registrars to action
Important dates – tasks for registrars to action
Dates Action or note
17 November Unplaced registrars discuss with their REAPS Coordinator the training posts available to them both within their own region and in other MCCC regions.