Registrar Placement Portal for Practices

Registrar Placement (formerly referred to as Practice Match) is a complex process. It takes into account registrar training needs and community needs, whilst meeting criteria set down by the AGPT program and the two GP Colleges (RACGP and ACRRM).

MCCC is committed to ensuring that our placement process delivers the best outcome to all concerned.

We thank all practices and registrars for their participation in the 2021 placement process.

Information about the 2022 Registrar Placement Process will be available in 2021.

It is vital that you read the resources and information below in order to be fully aware of all requirements and responsibilities associated with the 2021 Placement Process.

Important dates and points needing action by Practice Managers during the Priority, Competitive and Directed stages of the Placement Process are detailed below.

Competitive Placement Process: 8 October – 16 November

The preferencing period for the Competitive Placement stage is now closed and both practices and registrars have been informed of the outcomes.

If you have any queries, please contact your REAPS Coordinator to discuss.

Competitive Placement Process: 8 October – 16 November

Please use the drop down menus below to stay informed of key dates for each of the placement stages.

Before the Placement Process begins
Key dates and action points
How registrars find and apply to your practice
How to submit your practice’s shortlisted/preferenced candidate names
How preferences are allocated by MCCC
Before the Placement Process begins

Before the Competitive Priority Placement Process begins, ensure you have:

  • Advised MCCC of your practice’s capacity in 2021
  • Have blocked out time for yourself and/or supervisors to conduct interviews between 22 Oct and 10 Nov
  • Reviewed your practice profile to ensure the email address listed for applications is correct
  • Added details into the profile to promote your practice, including photos, additional learning opportunity details and registrar testimonials
  • Visited the GPSA website for tips for interviews and NTCER information.
Key dates and action points
Dates Action or task
8 October Practices receive applications from registrars via email
13 October Applications close
13-19 October Practices log into the MCCC portal and submit the names of registrars they received applications from, indicating who has been shortlisted for interview


Practices also need to contact registrars by phone or email to arrange an interview time or advise them they have not been shortlisted

19-21 October Second round of applications – registrars who did not receive invitations to interview continue to apply to practices during this period
22 October – 10 November Conduct interviews

Interviews must be conducted during this period only. Any held outside of this window will be considered invalid for placement

By 10 November Practices submit their preferences via the MCCC Portal


From 16 November Placement outcomes notified by MCCC

Unsuccessful applicants/practices participate in the Directed Placement stage

How registrars find and apply to your practice

Registrars will review practice profiles using a list on the Registrar Placement – Information for Registrars page.

Registrars are only to apply to practices that meet their training requirements (eg inner/outer metro, MW/NE/NW/SW region and college accreditation status) and must attend sufficient interviews in order to submit preferences to MCCC for at least three practices.

Conversations regarding placements must only occur between an practice and a registrar during the interview period (22 Oct -10 Nov)

How to submit your practice’s shortlisted/preferenced candidate names

Shortlisted candidate names

Shortlistings have now closed. If you have NOT submitted your shortlisted candidate names you will not be able to submit preferences.

Please contact your REAPS Coordinator to advise us of your shortlisted names.


Submitting preferencings

If you are unsure about how to use the MCCC Portal, please watch the instructional video below relevant to your region (6mins)






Error messages

If you encounter an error message in red when entering your shortlisted candidate names, please check the following has been entered correctly:

  • You have only entered 2 HD preferences
  • All fields are completed for each registrar.

If you have checked your entries and are still unable to submit your preferences, please contact your REAPS Coordinator for assistance.

How preferences are allocated by MCCC

Allocations will prioritise community need and training requirements.
Following this, HD to HD matches and subsequent desirable matches will be allocated.

The initial allocation limit is up to one registrar per level or semester per practice.
For equity purposes, once all practices that received a preference are filled with at least one registrar, additional allocations may then be made dependent on registrar numbers.

Please read the Registrar Placement Guide for further details about the placement process.

The preferencing period is now closed. Please contact your REAPS if you have any queries
Directed Placement Process: 17 November onwards
Information about Directed Placement
Information about Directed Placement

The Directed Placement stage allows MCCC to support registrars who have not been placed during the Priority or Competitive stages of the placement process.

The REAPS Coordinator in each area will liaise with registrars and practices to assist both parties and confirm appropriate placements.