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Hospital Street Doctors

Hospital Street Doctors is locally owned and operated, just opposite Wodonga Hospital. We support our registrars with formalised teaching and on site supervision at all times. Our GPs have a great interest and passion for teaching and supporting the next generation of doctors. Amongst our senior doctors we have college examiners and Medical student examiners
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Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative

If you like to work as part of a comprehensive primary health care team approach, then Rumbalara might be a really good fit for you! We integrate general practice, allied health, specialist physicians, dentistry, and health promotion in our Mooroopna health & wellbeing site – and a whole lot more in other departments. Here’s the snapshot of the “features and benefits”…
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Murchison Medical Clinic

Located along the Goulburn River, the Murchison Medical Clinic is a premiere rural teaching clinic serving a diverse patient population of more than 1600 in a town of 980 residents. Attracting patients from two hours away or more, to be seen by our clinicians in a caring and professional environment. We strive to utilise advances…
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Alpha Medical Centre, Wodonga

At Alpha Medical Centre Wodonga we aim to provide patients with holistic health care of exceptional standards, with a personalised approach and an emphasis on good customer service. We take pride in providing the highest quality of care to all our patients in a conducive, professional environment.
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