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The Doctors at Lavington

347 Wagga Road
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The Doctors at Lavington and Thurgoona re united in providing a service of the highest possible standard to our patients and a fulfilling workplace for all.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Doctors at Lavington and Thurgoona are general medical practices that look after and care for patients from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds in a modern welcoming environment.

We commit to high ethical standards, a trusting and engaging doctor-patient relationship as well as the ability and capacity to evolve an include new ideas and concepts to ensure optimal, compassionate and evidence based medical care for our local and wider community in all their different stages of health.


EQUALITY Treat other team members as you want to be treated. Treat patients as you would want to be treated. All team member contributions are valued Team members have different expertise. Respect for all team members and their decisions.

WECOMING Friendly happy disposition towards all team members and visitors. Behave in a positive and harmonious manner. Changes are notified to all team and visitors where possible.

ORGANISED Display an orderly and neat work environment. Monitor and review appointment bookings to ensure efficiencies. patient needs match GP expertise. Thorough explanation to patients so they are fully informed. Greet patients promptly.

COMMITTED Protect each other as you would yourself. Consider the impact of your decisions and your behaviours. Be dependable. Assist the team achieving their individual accomplishments. Remain focused on delivering an excellent service.

UNDERSTANDING Acknowledge individual achievements. Appreciate accomplishments. Understand mistakes happen; this creates learning opportunities. Respond to mistakes quickly and appropriately without blame. Respect individual differences.

The Doctors at Lavington and Thurgoona is a large primary care practice providing services to over 22,000 patients.

As at October 2022 we have:

14 General Practitioners

5 Nurses

12 Administration staff

Our practice manager is Jodie Dennis.

The Doctors @ Lavington and Thurgoona are focused on providing holistic whole of life care for the patients they serve. Our patient catchment is mainly Lavington, Thurgoona and the North Albury areas, but there are many patients who come form all areas of Albury/Wodonga and surrounds. we are connected to and part of the community. We pride ourselves on providing evidence based ethical care to all our patients. We see opportunity for the future growth.

The diversity of our patients allows us to attract GP’s with various interests and specialities to provide a high level of expertise for the majority of health conditions.

Our nursing staff support all aspects of our clinical service delivery and add another layer of expertise for our patients.

Our administration and management staff have years of experience in General Practice and customer service that aims at our patients have a seamless experience when they engage at any level with the practice.

Our aspiration is to not necessarily be the biggest practice in the region but certainly the best. This is supported by our aim to be an employer of choice.

Our structure and systems that are in place ensure the ongoing viability of the business which in turn gives patients peace of mind that they will have continuity of service.

The main challenge is always attracting doctors that are competent and fit our culture and ethos. This will continue to be achieved by having a strong system of support for training registrars.