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The Practice

The Swan Hill Medical Group has been providing care to our community for over 40 years and we are dedicated to providing quality care to the 35,000 people who live in our region. The practice consists of 11 GPs, 5 nurses, 18 visiting specialists and has 26 consulting rooms. It is a mixed billing centre, that has a broad patient demographic. The patient base ranges from babies, children and young families to remote farmers living in satellite communities to elderly residents living independently or in care homes both within Swan Hill and in surrounding communities.

We provide healthcare for all demographics, mental healthcare, drug and alcohol care, paediatrics, obstetrician- gynecologist, aged care, palliative care.  Our procedures include skin checks, excisions, biopsies, stress ECGs and care plans.

Our specialists include a cardiologist, dermatologist, ENT, kids therapy, nephrologist, psychologist, opthamologist, orthapaedics, osteopathy, pathology, podiatrist and urologist.  We have visiting rights at the hospital and its Emergency Department is across the street from our clinic.

Practice Information
Number of doctors 8
Number of supervisors 2
Number of visiting specialists 15
Number of rooms 26
Billing Mixed
Allied health professionals Osteopath, Podiatrist, Hearing Care
Nursing Staff

Our doctors are supported by four RNs and one EN.  Experienced in immunisations, wound care, excisisions, health checks, care plan preparation, medicals for drivers licenses and employment, ECGs,  stress ECGs, spirometry and audiometry.  All this enables holistic medical care and support for patients and their doctors.


Additional learning opportunities
Small group learning
Clinical meetings
Assisting with procedures
Supervisor Special Interests

Dr Stewart Booth & Dr Rahman Talukder

As GPs we enjoy:

  • Managing patient healthcare needs to the best of our ability and not having to refer unless an additional opinion is needed or warranted
  • Being a complete GP, caring for whole families
  • Being able to admit and investigate patients at the hospital
  • Doing procedural work
  • Being an important part of the community.

General Facilities/ Services

We have a staff tea room with amenities for staff.

Our practice is a purpose-built GP clinic and is set up as you might expect a large GP practice in a rural community.

Our practice is located in the centre of the city, with a supermarket beside the practice and shops, cafes and restaurants all close by.  The hospital is located just across the road.

Training Expectations
Practice opening hours 7 days / week. 8am - 6pm on weekdays.
College Requirements Full time training requires 38 hrs per week employed averaged over 4 weeks. Less than 38 hours per week employed is part time training.
Evening roster Not applicable
Saturday and Sunday work 9am - midday on Saturdays and Sundays. We do not expect new registrars to work weekends.
Out of practice visits

We provide GP consulting work to three nursing homes.  However, we do not expect GPT1 registrars to attend to nursing homes unless it is with their supervisor.

Public holiday work

We do not generally require registrars to work on Public Holidays.

Local Hospital Information
Hospital affiliations


Hospital admission rights/ privileges

At Swan Hill Medical Group, some of our GPs have admission and VMO rights to the local hospital. It is something that is encouraged however it is up to the individual GP if they wish to apply to have VMO admitting rights.


We do not require our registrars to be on call at the hospital.

GP Advanced Skills opportunities
Key contact: Ange Duncan
Address: Cnr Splatt & McCrae Streets SWAN HILL
Telephone: 03 5033 1711
Fax: 03 5033 1146
Email address for applications:
College accreditation RACGP
Pathway Rural

Vacancy Details
Level of Registrar:
eg GPT1 or PRRT1 is now referred to as Training Term 1

Training Term 3
Training Term 4

Employment Type:
Full time applications only

Placement Period:
Semester 1 & 2 (12 month placement)

"Five hours from home, away from my husband and a town I knew nothing about, Swan Hill Medical was a daunting option for GPT1&2. Looking back I am grateful for having taken the challenge.

I was pleasantly surprised to join a very friendly and supportive environment in a town that loves the novelty of a new face. Apart from passing exams, personal satisfaction should be one of the most important aspects of a registrar’s progress through the training program. At Swan Hill Medical I was pleasantly surprised by the flexibility from a clinical and non-clinical level.

From a clinical perspective the work environment picked up as soon as I was prepared to get going. I chose my pace, and I chose to start slow. As I felt comfortable I increased my patient load and slowed down again when I needed. As a GP registrar you will always be booked out and in 3 months I now have regular patients. The clinical environment involves a good mix of paediatrics through to geriatrics. There is great supervision and teaching is guided by the areas the registrar wishes to cover and is blocked out on the roster.

If interested there is also great scope for minor procedures. In my second week I started doing excisions and later started inserting and removing Implanons. There are also financial benefits as you increase your patient load and have the opportunity to exceed billings or the opportunity to become a VMO for Swan Hill Hospital which is located across the road.

From a non-clinical perspective the clinic is very understanding of personal commitments and flexible with the roster. I highly value the ability to have some time off to visit family in Melbourne or to attend courses etc, and in fact the supervisors encourage this. This includes having a 3 day weekend if you can make up the hours at another date. There is another clinic in town who also have an intake of GP registrars which makes the experience more enjoyable.

The town, albeit appearing to be small, has a movie theatre, a number of small restaurants and pubs, more than one gym with group fitness classes, monthly farmer’s markets, a winery and even hosted the International Comedy Festival Roadshow this year.

The travel between Swan Hill and Melbourne is comfortable with frequent V-line trains and with the station being a 5 minute walk from the clinic. The clinic also offers secure underground parking so no need to worry about your car.

Whilst in Swan Hill there are plenty of local sights to explore. Some of my favourites being the Silo Art Trail, the salt flats at Lake Tyrrell, night photography and crossing the border to NSW. Swan Hill Medical Group is an outstanding option for those looking at working in a friendly, professional and supportive environment whilst making the most of your time as a GP registrar. "

Dr Shiju Mammen former GPT1 registrar - 2018
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Our Community

Swan Hill is an attractive tourist destination, surrounded by lakes and 7 rivers and creeks. Registrars who choose a placement with the Swan Hill Medical Group will be assigned a local champion to help you to establish relationships with the community and to ensure your needs are being met.

We are a multicultural community with residents originally from dozens of different countries and the largest indigenous Aboriginal community in Victoria.  We celebrate our diversity through a series of festivals throughout the year.

Our region produces grapes and fresh vegetables for both domestic and export dinner tables.

See the visitors guide here for an insight into some of the attractions in our region.

Population: 10,000 (city), 35,000 (district)

Community groups
Parents’ clubs
School clubs
Spiritual groups
Additional Information

Sporting Clubs

Families and Children

Public transport Two train services to and from Melbourne each day. The city is supported by local bus services. However, it is generally possible to find attractive accommodation within walking distance of the Swan Hill Medical Group clinic.
Nearest airport There is a small airport in Swan Hill. The nearest major regional airport is in Mildura and the nearest international airport is Tullamarine in Melbourne.
Access and distances to major centres or nearby towns

Swan Hill is a large rural community.

Melbourne is 3.5 hours drive away by car.

There are two train services to and from Melbourne each day.

Bendigo (120,000 people) is approximately 2 hours away by car or train.  Mildura is approximately 2.5 hours away by car.

Child care
Additional Information

“When my family moved to the region three years ago, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of education available. Our daughter has found a great secondary college and has also been able to join in a range of extra curricular activities, the opportunities for education in the Swan Hill region are fantastic.”
Julie Wiggins

Primary Schools

Son Centre Christian College
Aerodrome Road, Swan Hill
(03) 5032 4199

St Mary’s Primary School
2 Murlong Street, Swan Hill
(03) 5033 2541

Swan Hill North Primary School
118 Chapman Street, Swan Hill
(03) 5032 1336

Swan Hill Primary School
123 Gray Street, Swan Hill
(03) 5032 1336

Swan Hill Specialist School
27 Yana Street, Swan Hill
(03) 5032 3683

Lake Boga Primary School
8 Williams Road, Lake Boga
(03) 5036 9000

Secondary Schools

Swan Hill College
10 Pye Street, Swan Hill
(03) 5032 9360

St Mary MacKillop College
53 McCrae Street, Swan Hill
(03) 5032 9771

Tertiary Education

SuniTAFE Swan Hill
64 Sea Lake-Swan Hill Road, Swan Hill
(03) 5036 0220

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