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South West Medical Centre

279 Koroit Street
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South West Medical Centre is located in South West Healthcare’s $26M Warrnambool Community Health facility, opened in November 2012.

Dedicated to providing excellent health care in accordance with ethical standards and best available evidence, it provides patient-centred care that is accessible, culturally appropriate and affordable in a multidisciplinary, team-based setting.

Anyone can make an appointment to see any of our doctors who, between them, specialise in General Medicine, Paediatrics, Family Health, Preventative Health, Mental Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Teaching and Research (For more information, please see our staff profiles on our website).

Administratively, South West Medical Centre is a private business unit of SWH’s Warrnambool Base Hospital. The fee-for-service practice consists of six GP consulting rooms, a practice nurse room and a procedure room.

Located in what is regional Victoria’s largest integrated primary care facility, SWMC works under the very same roof as SWH’s community health, allied health, mental health, district nursing, alcohol & drugs, dentistry and palliative care services. In all, 260 health professionals work side-by-side to make things as seamless and convenient as possible for our patients, clients and consumers. In fact, the 7,000 sq metre building we share, officially opened by Health Minister David Davis in February 2013, was deliberately designed to encourage ‘sharing of care’ opportunities between the dozens of health disciplines, onsite.

Long term, we anticipate medical staffing of SWMC will cover the age spectrum of practitioners and reflect a broad range of general practice interests including inter-disciplinary care, especially for chronic disease management.

Conceptually, the practice aims to function as a ‘Learning Environment’ encouraging all staff and students to learn from each other and for SWMC to be a place where our patients can learn more about their own health and factors that affect it.

This learning environment concept implies that we learn about the health status of our community, apply evidence already learned about current best management practices and contribute to the development of general practice knowledge through appropriate, clinically-relevant research. Strong relationships already developed with MCCC GP Training and Deakin University’s Medical School will enhance this process.