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Medi 7 St Kilda Rd

2/A 517 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, MELBOURNE VIC 3004
(03) 9013 9794
9018 8164

Medi7 St Kilda Rd is an inner city mixed billing clinic located just down the road from The Alfred Hospital open Monday -Saturday.  We offer a wide range of services including: skin cancer surgery, immunisations (general and travel), acupuncture, asthma and diabetes care amongst lots of other things.

Our Practice Philosophy, is to provide the highest standard of patient focused care, in an efficient and timely manner in a friendly and welcoming environment. We work closely with our local PHN to ensure that our patients with complex or chronic health issues are given the highest standard of team based healthcare.

We have five general practitioners at the clinic. Four have a patient base that is varied and open to all comers, but also caters to their individual areas of special interest.  Our main GP supervisor, for example, has a special interest in mental health, addiction, chronic pain and clinical nutrition and does acupuncture. The fifth GP specialises in dermatology and cosmetic procedures, and is more than happy to help registrars improve their skills in skin lesions, including surgical procedures.

We have a full time Practice Nurse who assists with all surgeries, care plans, immunisations etc.  We also have a fantastic administration support team who work efficiently, co-cooperatively and are part of the very good culture and environment that we strive to maintain, one which is respectful, fun and enjoyable to be a part of.   We have fortnightly practice meetings to maintain that culture.

When it comes to teaching, we pride ourselves in setting a high standard. Our Clinical Director, Dr Tony Helman, was a senior GP educator with the RACGP for over a decade and is passionate about teaching, ensuring that both informal and formal teaching takes place for each registrar, at no less and often more than the minimum requirements.