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Eleanor Clinic is about thriving. About helping our patients thrive, who trust us with their health. But also about thriving for all of us who work here – who, together, make up Eleanor Clinic.

We built Eleanor Clinic three years ago to help bring excellent, general practice based health care to the Inner West. We set out to build a practice where we know our patients by name and sometimes offer a cup of tea to soothe a shaken mind, rather than a pill. We’re about working together as a team, using the latest practice technology and medical standards.

And while COVID hit us just like everyone else, we only worked much harder to make sure we continue to deliver the best care even under very difficult circumstances. We employed strictest safety protocols and used self-sourced PPE very early on, erected our now famous  ‘treatment tent’ in our parking lot and continued doing what we enjoy and, frankly, what we do best: being a highly reliable GP practice for everyone putting their trust into us. Be that patients or staff.

Our community has repaid our efforts by supporting us from the very beginning and we unfortunately frequently have to close our books to new patients to ensure we can devote the required time to established patient relationships.

Your decision where to train is going to be influenced by many factors. No doubt geographic location will play an important part, potentially access to specialty fields you may be interested in. Let us add a few from our end:

  • How’s the overall clinic climate?
  • Is the clinic you’re contemplating mainly interested in your growth or the clinic’s growth?
  • How does the clinic deal with your personal safety, particularly in today’s times?
  • Is there an option to easily log into the clinic software remotely, if required?
  • How are you going to be supported with managing more complex patients or those with medical issues in a field you’re not very experienced with?

We think we do pretty well with the above – and many other important areas you will want to think about when choosing where to advance your career. Our team includes doctors with a special interest in women’s health, PreP, transgender health and skin checks – and we’re all keen to collaborate and share our knowledge.

But no need to take our word for it: we’d encourage you to read our Google reviews to get a feel for what people think. Yes, you’ll also find some negative ones – read these in particular to help yourself form an opinion.

Most of all, we’d very much welcome you asking us about any of these. We’re looking forward to it!