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Central General Practice

38 Highett Street
03 5775 2591
03 5775 1901

VISION: A patient-focused General Practice that provides professional and affordable care for Mansfield and wider community.

At Central General Practice, it is our aim to provide the Mansfield and district community with the best, most caring, confidential and professional attention to individuals, their families and wider community.

CGP Values:

We provide the highest quality care:
– It is the responsibility of all staff to focus on quality
– We are solution-orientated
– We provide equal treatment to all
– We focus on continuously improving what we do and how we do it.
We are an enjoyable and rewarding workplace:
– We work together as a team, we are positive and focus on solutions
– We are able to have a laugh, take on a challenge and successfully achieve goals together
– We respect each other and support each other. We are accountable for our actions and have a no-blame culture.
Our Clinic is welcoming:
– We are friendly, caring, empathetic and respectful to patients and each other
– The clinic environment is welcoming – gardens, consult rooms, wait areas
We embrace innovation:
– We are dynamic and open to change
– We embrace technology and strive to use technology to improve what we do and how we do it.