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Brooke Street Medical Centre

14 Brooke Street
03 5427 1002
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Brooke St. Medical Centre (BSMC) prides itself on excellence in service to patients and the conditions for staff it employs.

BSMC provides an environment of learning, fairness, respect and inclusion to achieve its aim of excellence in delivery of health services

We place emphasis on: excellence in service, teamwork, education and fun.  Everyone is involved in education (which occurs at both horizontal and vertical levels) and we practice as a strong multidisciplinary team.

We work from a belief that each of us chooses our own attitude and that this impacts on our lived experience.  As our working life is an integral part of this experience, our attitude and receptiveness to others has a direct affect on our working life and those around us.  Each individual contributes to and is responsible for the work environment and its atmosphere.  BSMC seeks out people who can participate as a team player to support and enrich those with whom they work and serve.

The practice also embraces continuous quality improvement and therefore is involved in ongoing development and change – we welcome suggestions from all staff and patients to achieve this.  The practice uses the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) model to explore change and whether it will benefit the practice.