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Bendigo Community Health – Sexual & Reproductive Health ESP

165-171 Hargreaves Street
03 5406 1200
03 5441 4200

If you are wanting to do a GP rotation at BCHS Hargreaves St with a wide variety of patients, this is the section.

If you are wanting to do an extended skills position in Sexual and Reproductive Health at BCHS Hargreaves St, please check instead at MCCC Extended Skills and Special Interest Posts under “Sexual Health”.  The Extended Skills position (ESP) role has only been advertised from early Sept 2019.

BCHS will preferentially fill the ESP role first.  If ESP is unfilled, the GP position will then be available.  Both roles are initially offered as 12 months part-time or six months full-time.

Bendigo Community Health has three sites.  Registrars who apply for this position will be mainly based at Hargreaves St site, though may spend some time at Eaglehawk or Kangaroo Flat sites.

Hargreaves St site has Dr Poornima Amaranarayana (as GP Supervisor) who gained her Fellowship in 2017, and has interests in Women’s Health working on two days a week and Dr Chris Sasse, who has worked for many years at BCHS particularly in Youth Health and Sexual Health, working on half a day each week.  Both have wide experience in General Practice.  Dr Gary Bourke, while not currently based at Hargreaves St will be Lead Supervisor including for the formal teaching time.  Dr Bourke has been a GP Supervisor at BCHS since 2004, as well as being a lecturer to medical students in Bendigo between 1999 and 2013, and Medical Educator from 2012 to 2015, and has been a GP Supervisor at other places over the years at BDAC and Njernda as well as for RVTS Registrars.  BCHS Hargreaves St also has Nurse Practitioners and Practice Nurses with special interests in Men’s Health incl Sexual Health, and Women’s Health incl Sexual Health.  You will be working closely and collaboratively with three experienced sexual health nurses on site.