Next Steps for 2020 Candidates

Successful candidates

At this stage of the application process you will have received an Offer of Training. You should now follow the steps below.

Unsuccessful candidates

If you were not successful in receiving an offer of training in the first round with MCCC (Western Vic), you do have other options.

Candidates may apply to a different pathway (depending on availability) with MCCC e.g. General pathway registrars may apply to the Rural pathway. However, they cannot apply to the same pathway again.

It is likely that MCCC’s General pathway quota will be at capacity, therefore Rural pathway registrars would need to apply to other Regional Training Organizations (RTOs) in Australia or apply again next year.

Successful candidate steps

Step 1:  Hospital Experience Assessment

You need to go to the MCCC Online Portal to enter the information about your Hospital Experience. Further information is available via this link. Required from all candidates, due by 26 August, preferably sooner.

Step 2:  Placement Process information

If you are intending to start in General Practice in 2020, please read the Registrar Placement Process Guide to explain the process.

Step 3:  Research Practices

You now know the MCCC region you have been allocated to, have a look at the website section Where you can Train.

You will see all the practices in your region or available through the Priority Placement. The availability of these practices WILL NOT be available until the placement period opens. Contact can only be made with the practices during the Placement Period, when it opens.

Step 4:  Prepare your CV

Take the time to update your CV and ensure you have it ready for when the Registrar Placement process opens.