1. The MCCC GP Trainee Placement Process

The MCCC GP Trainee Placement Process

MCCC is committed to addressing the primary healthcare needs of communities within our footprint; strengthening their capabilities whilst providing quality training and learning opportunities to registrars.

To support this, our GP Trainee (Registrar) Placement Process must consider the requirements of our communities and practices as well as registrars’ training needs.

Registrar Placement applies to registrars starting Training Term 1-4 (TT1-4) and may include registrars undertaking extension terms. It may exclude registrars returning from maternity leave completing an agreed placement. However, these registrars can elect to participate should they require a new practice to undertake the term.

MCCC facilitates the placement of registrars in order to:

  • Assist in building a sustainable primary healthcare team within the MCCC footprint, especially in areas of higher workforce need
  • Encourage registrars to take advantage of the experience offered by more rural and remote practices
  • Support each registrar’s identified training needs eg Rural Generalist (RG) Pathways, RG Consolidation of Skills, ACRRM requirements and general pathway obligations
  • Ensure equitable distribution of registrars to training practices
  • Ensure transparency of the process
  • Expose registrars to a variety of practices.

MCCC has both general pathway and rural pathway locations. Registrars may be required to train in any part of the MCCC region, even if it is not the registrar’s preferred location but meets their training needs.

The placement process usually covers a 12-month period. Typically, this is either two six-month placements or one 12-month placement, dependent on practice and registrar availability. Through the accreditation/re-accreditation process, practices will be informed of the level/s of registrar/s suitable to train in their post.

IMPORTANT: The College abbreviations GPT and CGT are referred to collectively within as Training Term (TT) eg: Training Term 1 (TT1) has replaced GPT/CGT1, Training Term 2 (TT2) has replaced GPT/CGT2, Training Term 3 (TT3) has replaced GPT/CGT3, Training Term 4 (TT4) has replaced GPT/CGT4.

The placement process enables registrars to engage with a variety of practices and to understand what each has to offer.