1. Priority Placement

Priority Placement

8 – 30  September 2022.

Open to all MCCC registrars and specified practices

Ideal for the following registrars:
  • Rural Generalist
  • ACRRM registrars seeking rural/remote context training
  • Those seeking rural experience
  • Those interested in Aboriginal Health
  • FARGP registrars meeting rural requirements
  • This match is open to specified practices only – details of these practices will be available on the MCCC website
  • Practices not identified as a priority placement location are not to be approached during this period
  • Registrars will only be placed in the practices specified
  • Aboriginal Health posts require registrars TT3 and above
  • Registrars placed in Aboriginal Health posts must attend a Culcha Camp experience to support their training
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The priority placement allows registrars to find a placement ahead of the competitive placement process and know in advance where they will be training

8-14 September 2022
Priority placement application period

Registrars must advise their REAPS Coordinator of their intention to participate in Priority Placement.

Dates to be confirmed.

15-30 September 2022
Interview period

Practices and registrars email their preferences to their REAPS Coordinator. Remember, only preference practices or registrars you interviewed with.

Dates to be confirmed.

30 September 2022
Placement outcomes notified by MCCC

Unsuccessful registrars will be placed into the Competitive Placement Process.

Dates to be confirmed.