1. Preferences


Once interviews are complete, registrars and practices must notify MCCC of their preferences. Registrars are to submit their preferences to their REAPS Coordinator via a provided link. Practices are to submit their preferences via the Practice Portal.

There is a restriction on the number of highly desirable (HD) ratings a registrar and practice can submit:


  • 1 x HD rating (per placement)
  • No limit on Desirable (D) ratings.


  • 1 x HD rating per training level for TT1-2 and/or TT3-4* for 12 months (two registrars in total)
  • Practices operating on six-month terms can preference 1 x HD registrar per
    term (two registrars for the year).

*Allocations of TT3-4 registrars will be reviewed by MCCC based on factors
such as practice accreditation and availability of registrars.

IMPORTANT: Registrars MUST submit at least three training post preferences to MCCC of practices they have interviewed with.


Allocations will prioritise community need and training requirements e.g. RG-Consolidation of Skills placements. Following this, HD to HD matches and subsequent desirable matches will be allocated. The initial allocation limit is up to one registrar per level or semester per practice.

For equity purposes, once all practices that received a preference are filled with at least one registrar, additional allocations may then be made dependent on registrar numbers and suitability of the placements.

MCCC will endeavour to match a minimum of one GP Trainee for each suitable practice, until all vacancies are filled.

MCCC is unable to guarantee that this minimum number will be achieved for every practice as factors such as number of GP Trainees, practice and registrar preferences, training requirements and practice restrictions must be considered by MCCC when determining allocation.

MCCC is responsible for ensuring GP trainees are placed in a suitable training practice.

It is expected that all practices accredited for TT1 registrars will place a TT1 for a minimum of 12 months over a three year period (this can be 2 x six-month placements). Additional capacity notified to MCCC during the placement process will not be considered until all existing advertised places have been filled.

Please note: Allocations of registrars in Training Term 3-4 will be reviewed by MCCC based on factors such as practice accreditation status and availability of registrars.

MCCC works in partnership with hospitals and expects registrars, who have accepted a hospital position for the following year, will honour that commitment. MCCC will not support registrars reneging on their hospital placement to commence their training in general practice unless there is agreement from the hospital to release the registrar. Evidence must be provided by the registrar from their employer that identifies in writing their agreement to release the registrar.