1. How do I find a practice?

How do I find a practice?

During the Priority Placement period, registrars can view a list of participating practices on the Priority Placement Page of our website.

Details of the Competitive Placement process are available on the Registrar Placement Process page. This page will be updated in October to include a list of the practices with vacancies in 2023.

When these lists are made live, registrars can use the search filters to find practices with vacancies.

Once filtered appropriately, registrars are to click the names of the practices to view the practice profile. The practice profile outlines the position on offer (detailed in the ‘Vacancy Details box, pictured above right) and provides valuable information about the additional learning opportunities at the clinic, supervisor special skills/interests, previous registrar testimonials and community/tourism information about the local area.

IMPORTANT: The ‘Where you can train’ page on our website is not a list of practices offering positions in 2023. You must go to the Registrar Placement page for practices specific to 2023 Competitive Placement.