1. How do I apply?

How do I apply?

Registrars will be required to email an up-to-date CV and a cover letter to the contact listed in the practice profile.

Contact with practices must not occur outside of the relevant placement period.

Registrars should:
• State in their application why they wish to train with the practice and what they can offer
• Ensure their CV and cover letter are up-to-date and outline relevant experience and skills.
• Advise the practice of the time fraction they intend to work and of any significant upcoming leave


Registrars cannot preference a practice unless they have attended an interview. It will be determined closer to the placement opening date if interviews are held virtually or face-to-face.

Make sure to discuss terms and conditions at the interview; employment contracts must meet the NTCER and MCCC requirements which suggests both the registrar and practice discuss the requirements of the position eg after-hours work, on-call etc.

Registrars must ensure they have scheduled sufficient interviews to submit three genuine practice preferences. All scheduled interviews must be completed before preferences are submitted. Practices reserve time out of their busy day for these interviews – not attending or cancelling at short notice is unprofessional.

Placements are completed by MCCC and consider many factors (see allocation information on page 6).

The GPRA website has resources and information videos relating to interviews, practice applications and the NTCER that you may find helpful prior to applying to practices or attending interviews.

IMPORTANT: Registrars and practices must not discuss how they intend to preference each other. If asked to commit to or disclose preferences, please refrain and advise MCCC of this request. Registrars and practices not abiding by this condition may not have their placement endorsed by MCCC and may instead be placed in the MCCC Directed Placement.

Any negative interactions, breaches of standard human resource protocols or continued disregard for the process by registrars and/or practices will result in being withdrawn from the placement process entirely.

Please remember that even a very positive encounter with a registrar/practice may not result in the anticipated placement. Having other genuine options is very important in this process.