1. Directed Placement

Directed Placement

16 November – 4 December 2021

This process is for registrars and practices who remain unmatched at the completion of the Competitive Placement Process.

Throughout the full Registrar Placement Process MCCC will be monitoring vacancies and providing advice to both registrars and practices of possible placements.

However, should unsuccessful preferences occur despite this advice, any unmatched registrars and practices will need to be placed through this directed placement.

17 November 2021
Directed Placement opens

Unplaced registrars discuss with their REAPS Coordinator the training posts available to them both within their own region and in other MCCC regions.

Unmatched practices are notified that unmatched registrars will be directed to apply to their clinic. Practices should notify MCCC as soon as a suitable applicant is identified during the Directed Placement period, as there is no official preferencing.