1. Competitive Placement

Competitive Placement

7 October – 15 November 2021

Open to all MCCC registrars and practices

Be prepared

Registrars are to use the ‘search’ function in the practice profile section of the website to filter the available practices by region and identify which ones match their training requirements.

7-12 October 2021
Competitive Placement opens

Registrars search for available practices in their region via the MCCC website and submit CVs and applications to practices of interest.

12-18 October 2021

Practices notify shortlist outcomes to registrars.

18-20 October 2021
Second round applications*

*Continue to apply if more interviews are required

21 October-9 November 2021
Interview period

Interviews must be conducted during this period. Any held outside of this window will be considered invalid for placement.

9 November 2021
Preference due date

Registrars submit their preferences to REAPS via a provided link. Practices submit their preferences via MCCC portal.

9-15 November 2021
MCCC undertake placement process

MCCC will undertake the placement process, ensuring community needs are addressed first, then utilising practice and registrar preferences.

From 15 November 2021
Placement outcomes

Any unmatched registrars or practices will go into the MCCC Directed Placement Process.