AGPT pathways

You can choose from the following pathways:

General pathway

If you choose general you can only train in the city, so Melbourne and surrounding suburbs or Geelong and surround suburbs. You must stay in these areas for your entire training journey, but once you have fellowed you can practice anywhere.

Rural pathway

Experiencing the rural pathway allows you to embed yourself in rural communities, with close-knit families, magnificent scenery, options for outdoor activities, sporting facilities, to name just a few.

Rural generalist

Take the additional step to being a rural generalist, either with ACRRM, RACGP or the Victorian Rural Generalist Program.

Rural generalism provides supported, end-to-end training. You will complete a range of mandatory advanced skills, such as emergency medicine and prepare yourself to provide complete care to rural, regional or remote communities.

Other fellowship options

You can also fellow through the Practice Experience Program (PEP) and explore additional Rural Generalist pathways through the Victorian Rural Generalist Program.