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Cohuna – Ochre Health Medical Centre – TT 3-4

This practice will accept applications from Training Term (TT) 3-4 registrars.

Ochre Health Medical Centre provides diverse, first-class healthcare to Cohuna and surrounding communities, around 10,000 people.

GP trainees will have a unique opportunity to learn from highly-skilled GP procedural doctors, keeping these skills alive to serve rural communities in the future.

The 5000+ patients registered at the practice receive a range of services including trauma medicine, pain management and palliative care, in a caring environment.  A pathology laboratory visits daily to take bloods and equipment includes ECG monitor, diathermy unit, ultra-sound and full resuscitation equipment.

The practice partners with the well-equipped 16-bed Cohuna District Hospital. Visiting medical officer GPs from Ochre Health provide urgent care on-call and procedural services to the hospital on a rostered basis. The hospital offers acute medical and surgical services, obstetrics, a 24/7 Urgent Care Centre, a dialysis unit that operates three days a week, a district nursing service and a 60-bed community nursing home. GP trainees will learn all they need to know about being a visiting medical officer at this one-stop-shop.

Each day begins with ward rounds and meetings where the doctors focus on the needs and treatment of each individual patient. Gastroscopies, dilation and curettes, hysteroscopies, skin flaps, knee and hip replacements will all be part of the GP training experience. Visiting specialists include surgeons who mainly do laparoscopic surgery and varicose veins.

Obstetrics are an important service to the community, with Ochre Health GP obstetricians delivering up to 80 babies a year.

Wellbeing and support is considered as an important element of GP training. Former GP trainees have found training at Ochre Health a rewarding, positive experience and have been welcomed into the community, which has a wide range of sporting, cultural and outdoor activities.

GP trainees have access to support from the whole team and can freely contact their supervisor or practice manager for support or advice. They will also enjoy the great community Cohuna and surrounds offers, with its unique rural lifestyle. They will also have the opportunity to discuss continuing with the practice after fellowship.

Ochre Health offers GP trainees a unique, exciting and stimulating training in general and procedural practice.

There’s a different pace to life by the water. Located on the banks of the beautiful Gunbower Creek, Cohuna offers great sight-seeing and activities, including Gunbower Island, claimed to be Australia’s largest inland island.

With water frontage of 130 kilometres, mostly covered by native forests and wetlands, it’s an ideal spot for camping, picnics, fishing, boating and bushwalking.

Ripe for reflection in the Murray and Gannawarra.

The clinic offers both ACRRM and RACGP supervisors.

GP trainees will learn from supervisors including Dr Peter Barker OAM, who was awarded by ACRRM and Rural Doctors Association Australia (RDAA) for providing outstanding advocacy and medical service to the community.

Dr Barker is a rural generalist whose interests include anaesthetics, obstetrics, emergency medicine, dermatology, paediatrics and GP education. He is also trained in radiology, heart films and ultrasound and spent two years in the UK concentrating on obstetrics and anaesthetics.

Dr Peter Barker is committed to treating people in their local community to enhance the healthcare outcomes for his patients who, without this local healthcare, would also face long-distance travel and separation from their families.

“People are tied to the area … if someone gets sick and has to go to Bendigo the family is really badly disadvantaged. Who will milk the cows? They are going to be lonely. We try to treat them in the local area and being treated locally, they seem to get better faster [than if treated elsewhere].” said Dr Barker.

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