Last update 2/8/2021

Clinical Competency Exam (CCE) webinar

Attention all GP trainees who will be sitting the CCE in November.

We will provide an optional webinar to discuss how to prepare for the CCE on Tuesday 31st August at 7.30pm.

Link to register and more information to follow.

Professional development financial support

We provide GP trainees with the opportunity to claim up to $1,000 in educational support for items such as subscriptions, additional workshops, skills training and more. Further details on what you can claim are outlined in the policy here. You can apply by completing this claim form.

Mental Health Skills Training (MHST)

Training term one GP trainees (TT1s) are required to complete level 1 Mental Health Skills Training (MHST) in their six months of GP training. Once this is completed, they can claim the higher rebate for mental health treatment plans (MHTPs) and will receive a letter from Medicare notifying them of this. Please note that trainees cannot claim adjusted rebates retrospectively, only prospectively.


When does MHST need to be completed by?

TT1s must complete their mental health skills training by the end of their first six months of supervised general practice- whether they are full time or part time. Thus 2021.1 TT1s must complete by end July 2021 and 2021.2 TT1s must complete by end of January 2022.


What does MHST involve?

The General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC) is the body responsible for setting the standards and accrediting training in mental health for GPs. Level one MHST details are outlined here Mental Health Training and Education – GPMHSC

On- line options to complete MHST involve completing a ‘core’ module and a ‘clinical enhancement’ module. This takes approximately six to eight hours.

Once the registrar has completed their training, GPMHSC lets Medicare know (as long as GPMHSC have their provider number – more information can be found on the GPMHSC website). Once the registrar has received a letter from Medicare confirming completion, they can start claiming the higher rebates for MHTPs.

If you require further information on how and where to complete your MHST training, please contact your region’s Education Program Support Officer (EPSO).

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National Registrar Survey: June 28 – August 6

Each year the Australian Government commissions an external research company to conduct a survey to find out information on GP trainees’ level of satisfaction with their training, regional training organisations (RTO) and career. The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) has again been appointed to conduct the survey this year.

The 2021 National Registrar Survey (NRS) opens June 28 and runs for six weeks. Participation is by link sent from ACER. GP trainees should check their email for an invitation to complete the survey.

We strongly encourage all eligible GP trainees to participate in this survey, which takes around 10 minutes to complete.

The NRS surveys GP trainees Australia-wide. The survey helps to assure the quality of the general practice training program and provides information to improve the education and training experience for all GP trainees.

See the 2020 survey results here.

Mock RCE and exam resources

Attention GP trainees enrolled in the RACGP remote clinical exam (RCE) in July 2021:
    • If you are taking the RACGP RCE you should have been invited to a mock RCE in your region. Any queries, please contact your EPSO
    • Webinars on critical appraisal in preparation for the RCE are being held on either the afternoon of 1 June or morning of 4 June – click here for more information
    • MeL has resources to help you in your study – click here
    • The RACGP suite of resources for RCE preparation is available here


Variation to training time

Are you wanting to alter your hours of work?

Both program leave and/or variations to training time will affect your overall training time and possibly when you can sit exams.

Accurate records are required at ALL levels of training.

When relevant, please complete the appropriate forms and email to the relevant address.

Additional leave

Are you taking additional leave that exceeds annual and personal leave allocations, as per the NCTER and AGPT leave policy? This is known as program leave.

Change to training time requirements

MCCC following ongoing discussions with the RACGP and in line with the NTCER, will be enforcing the following as definitions of training:

Full time training requires full time employment of 38 hours per week worked over at least four days*, averaged over a four week period. It will encompass patient contact time, education release time, in practice teaching time and administration time (where applicable). Anything less than 38 hours will be considered part time training.

Minimum part time training is 14.5 hours per week employment over a minimum of two days*. This will encompass patient contact time, education release time, in practice teaching time and administration time (where applicable).

Please note that if a registrar is working across two practices then they must meet the minimum 14.5 hour of employment at each location.

Should you have any queries, please contact your MCCC REAPS directly or call: 1300 622 247

*each session must not be less than three consecutive hours.