My research idea (MCCC employees)

Research idea outline for review by MCCC Research Committee.

“Many research ideas are just that – ideas….Research ideas are a starting-off point, but ideas are not a defined project” (p.7)1. MCCC is committed to supporting and encouraging registrars, supervisors, medical educators, and Training Operations staff to undertake research.

As a first step, you are encouraged to complete this form, which asks for some brief information about your research idea. The form will be reviewed by MCCC’s Research Committee. You will subsequently receive feedback about the research idea/question, how you intend to investigate it, the extent to which it aligns with MCCC’s research priorities1, and suggestions for taking your idea forward.

MCCC’s research priorities can be found on the ‘Mission and vision’ section of the research website. Research ideas that are not related to the MCCC’s research priorities are also welcome, but may receive less organisational support.


1. Potter S. Getting going. In: The Open University, ed. Doing academic research (U500). Milton Keynes: The Open University; 2000.

Research idea form