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MCCC Culcha Camps – a cultural experience

An experience to remember

See testimonials below from participants in our recent Culcha camps, led by Mulana Kaalinya.

“I wish I had this experience prior to starting my GP training, it is the kind of learning you can’t get anywhere else. It will greatly assist me in forming therapeutic relationships and treating Indigenous people with their often complex health needs. The Uncles and Aunties were so generous in sharing their wisdom, stories and strength.

“We also had lots of fun and there was a great sense of peace that came with being welcomed on to the beautiful land by the traditional owners. I urge all GPs and GP trainee’s to take the opportunity! Even if you only see one Indigenous person per year, it will help you make that bit of difference that is so needed.” – Brigette, GP, Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative

“Amazing eye-opening experience of Aboriginal culture and land. Great camping spot with a view and activities (eg fishing)! Uncle Len and Larry were remarkably hospitable and kept us well fed! Also did our own aboriginal painting. Amazing unplugged experience, especially for those who have not camped before.” – Bryan, GPT2, Central Medical Group, Wodonga

“That’s one of most valuable experiences in my life. As an overseas trained doctor with little knowledge about Aboriginal culture, the Culcha camp provides me a good chance to learn Australian Aboriginal Culture. I can face to face to talk to Uncle Larry and Uncle Len and listen their life stories. They are great people. That’s not true that people say aboriginal people are poor, low education, poor compliance. I think I can do something for aboriginal health when I start Albury Wodonga Aboriginal health Clinic next year after this Culcha Camp.” – Don, GPT2, Gardens Medical Group, Albury

“I recommend the Culcha camp to anyone who would like to feel more confident with managing Aboriginal patients, as the camp allows you to experience many different aspects of the culture, including going on a walk with Aboriginal elders, learning about food, song and dance, and hearing about people’s first hand experiences from the ‘Stolen Generation’ as well as their current work managing Aboriginal youth and in Family Violence. It was also great to get out of the city and sit around a bushfire in peaceful surrounds.” – Jason, GPT2 Kings Park Medical Centre, Melbourne West

“It was such a privilege for us to be invited to spend time on country with Yorta Yorta Elders. Being in such a special place by the water in the middle of Barmah Forest helped me to reflect on the amazing and enduring connection that Yorta Yorta people have had for tens of thousands of years with the water and land here. The Aunties explained how the lake and connecting waterways are like the kidneys of the land and people. The Uncles described the journey to our campsite as the feeling of ‘coming home’. Thank you so much to Uncle Larry, Uncle Len, (Aunty) Rob, Aunty Nellie, Aunty Hilda, Aunty Greta and Uncle Graeme for mentoring, sharing and yarning with us over the fire, food and fishing rods as well as art, dance and music . The weekend filled me up again with optimism and energy tomake a difference in Aboriginal health as a GP.” – Jess, GP, AWAHS & Federation Clinic, Wodonga & MCCC RME