2019 Rural Talent Development Award, Our Award Winners

Madeleine Tickle – Monash University Bendigo campus

We are proud to announce Madeleine Tickle as the winner of the inaugural Rural Talent Development Award for Bendigo, in collaboration with Monash University’s North West Regional Training Hub.

Read Madeleine’s impact statement below:”As a student from a rural background, this award demonstrates to me that you are investing in rural students becoming rural doctors.

My two clinical years so far have been spent in Mildura, Swan Hill and Bendigo, experiencing and learning from rural doctors. I have completed additional placements in Griffith, NSW as part of the JFPP. All of these placements have allowed to complete my training in rural areas where I want to practise once I graduate, learning off the doctors I aspire to be like one day.

These are doctors who have learned to work with the resources they have, even when these are limited, to deliver the best possible care. They have shown me how to be a doctor in the rural environment, but also how to be a great member of the community.

Last year, there was a fantastic opportunity to do a placement with the Royal Flying Doctor Service – something I dreamed of being a part of when I was applying for medicine. It was expensive so I wasn’t able to do it. This year, I will apply and if successful will use the money from this award to complete this incredible rural placement.

Thank you for the opportunities that this award will allow me to have”.