1. Journal Club

Journal Club

On-line Journal Club for people interested in medical education

MCCC organises a monthly journal club, which has a focus on medical education. Although the primary audience for the journal club is MCCC’s medical educators, the journal club is open to any of the organisation’s stakeholders who have an interest in medical education (e.g. supervisors and registrars). The journal club has three overarching goals:

  • To improve the research literacy of attendees by learning critical appraisal skills
  • To help attendees keep up-to-date with the medical education research literature
  • To use the reviewed research in a way that has an impact on the effective delivery of the education and training program.

Typically, two recent academic papers are discussed, with each paper being introduced by a volunteer presenter. The papers are circulated in advance of the meeting and it is an expectation that anyone who attends will have read the papers.

If you are interested in either learning more about the journal club or wish to participate in the next meeting, please contact research@mccc.com.au.

Journal Club Meeting Dates

The journal club meets between 1 and 2 p.m, alternating on the first Wednesday and Thursday of each month via video/teleconference. To view the next meeting dates, see the events calendar on our website here

Journal Club Resources

The Journal Club is hosted on MeL, our e-learning platform. To become enrolled in MeL and access the discussion papers, please contact research@mccc.com.au.