Past Research Projects

Impact of socioeconomic status and percentage of time in target range in patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Project team:

  • Dr Mei Lyn TAN (communicating author)
  • A/Prof John Furler (Supervisor)
  • Dr Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis (Supervisor)
  • A/Prof Alicia Jenkins (Team member)
  • A/Prof David O’Neal (Team member).


6 Feb 2017 – 2 Feb 2018.

Description of project:

There is growing interest in other methods of measuring glycaemic control, that provides a more complete and adequate picture of a patient’s sugar profile compared with the traditional HbA1c level. The growing prevalence of diabetes and its associated complications have also led to an increase in interest in uncovering other factors that impact on glycaemic control. No studies, to date, has looked at the impact of socioeconomic status on the percentage of time patients with type 2 diabetes spend in target range.