2021 AGPT final intake

Applications for the 2021 AGPT final intake

Applications for the 2021 Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program second intake are made online directly to the college/s you wish to gain Fellowship of, either the Royal Australian College of General Practice (RACGP) or the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM).

Please take note of the upcoming selection dates for each college listed below.

Important: The number of MCCC training places on offer for both the RACGP and ACRRM’s final intake will not be confirmed until after intake 1 offers have been finalised.

Additional details regarding eligibility and selection processes are available in the college-specific guidebooks. Plus there are additional details about application processes in the webinar recordings from earlier this year.

Important information for final intake candidates

Please see the below for upcoming key selection process dates for each college.

If you are intending to apply, you MUST be available on the proposed dates of interviews. Details of your interview will be confirmed closer to the day but remember, interviews can take up to 1.5hrs to complete.

More information can be found on the RACGP and ACRRM websites.

All candidates are reminded that it is important to understand the hospital experience requirements of both colleges, which need to be completed prior to starting in-practice. The rotations do not have to be completed prior to applying to the AGPT program, but should be started before you interview.

See our Hospital Experience Assessment page and the relevant college websites for additional information about mandatory hospital terms and advice regarding alternative options for rotations you may have difficulty obtaining.

Important college selection activity dates 

Please see the drop down items below for details for candidates of both the first as well as the final 2021 intakes.

RACGP final intake key dates
ACRRM final intake key dates
RACGP final intake key dates
10am Monday 31 AugustApplications open
10am Monday 21 SeptemberApplications close
Friday 2 OctoberCandidate eligibility finalised
Monday 19 - Friday 23 OctoberCandidate Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT)
Thursday 5 NovemberCAAKT outcomes issued
Thursday 5 - Tuesday 10 NovemberApplicant preference change period
Thursday 12 NovemberApplicants advised of RTO interview allocations
Saturday 21 - Sunday 29 November (you will be allocated one of these days)Virtual interviews with MCCC
Friday 11 DecemberOffers finalised
ACRRM final intake key dates
Monday 10 August 2020Applications open
Monday 31 August 2020Applications close
Monday 31 August 2020Application fee due
Tuesday 8 September 2020Referee reports due
Tuesday 8 September 2020Last day to change training region preferences
Friday 2 October 2020Eligibility outcome released and interview invitation sent to shortlisted candidates
Saturday 17 - Tuesday 20 October 2020Multi mini interviews
Monday 9 OctoberCandidates notified of selection outcomes
Monday 16 OctoberLast day to accept your offer

Frequently asked questions

The below are the most frequently asked questions we receive about interviews, offers and registrar placement.

See our extended FAQ page for additional details about the application and selection process.

When can I book my interview?
How will the Zoom interview work?
Can I still change my preference from a general pathway to rural?
When will I receive an offer of training?
How do I know if I’m ready to start in a GP clinic in 2021?
When can I nominate which location/town I want to train in?
How do I get placed in a GP clinic?
How do I apply for recognition of prior learning?
When can I book my interview?

Eligible RACGP candidates will be sent an email on 16 July with a link to the interview booking portal.

On receipt of the email, immediately book your interview time slot by 17 July.

How will the Zoom interview work?

All details of the Zoom interview process, including how to prepare, what type of questions you’ll be asked and the structure of the interview will be available shortly in our Interview Toolbox.

There are links available to test Zoom before the day if you are not familiar with the platform.

Should you require additional Zoom support, please contact MCCC.

Can I still change my preference from a general pathway to rural?

The RACGP candidate preference change period is from 9-16 July. During this time you can amend your application to a rural preference with MCCC (Western Victoria).

We encourage you to consider a rural pathway if you have an interest in practicing rurally; currently our 2021 numbers are under-subscribed for rural pathway applicants and over-subscribed for general pathway applicants.

Additional information about RTO training place distributions are available on the RACGP website, with additional candidate application details in SAMS (Selection Assessment Management System).

When will I receive an offer of training?

For the 2021 first intake:

ACRRM candidates will receive their offers on Monday 3 August
RACGP candidates offers will be finalised on Friday 31 August.

How do I know if I’m ready to start in a GP clinic in 2021?

RACGP practice readiness is assessed by MCCC through a process that involves a review of hospital statements that provide details of the rotations you have completed.

Eligible candidates will receive an email on 16 July with a link to the Hospital Experience Assessment, where they will be asked to provide statements of service.

MCCC will review the submissions and the final decision sits with the RACGP.

ACRRM candidates will be assessed by the college.

When can I nominate which location/town I want to train in?

Once MCCC receive the names of shortlisted applicants from the colleges, all candidates will be asked to complete an Application to Train, which will allow you to indicate your region preference. For RACGP candidates, this will be sent on 16 July.

Following the virtual interviews, MCCC will allocate successful candidates to the regions based on their interview score and, where possible, genuine links to the region.

The region you have been allocated to will be indicated in your Letter of Offer. You may choose to accept or decline this offer. Should you decline, you will then need to speak to your college about future intakes.

How do I get placed in a GP clinic?

Practice allocations

MCCC holds a Registrar Placement process, where you apply to training practices that are of interest to you.

We emphasise that you must have a wide range of options to increase the changes of being placed in locations of your choice.

Additional information can be found in our Registrar Placement Guide.

How do I apply for recognition of prior learning?

If you have extensive, relevant hospital experience prior to joining the AGPT Program, you may be able to apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL), a process separate to the hospital experience assessment. Learn more about this process on our RPL page.

Take a look at our our training practices for information about our training facilities and the breadth of advanced and procedural skills you can gain from a placement in communities across our footprint.

Need more help or advice?

MCCC is here to support you with your journey to fellowship and to assist you with advice regarding becoming a GP.

Our FAQ section, has recently been updated and contains the answers to many of your questions.

Alternatively, contact  Jenny Smith, using the form below. Jenny can provide information about the selection process, help decide which training pathway is best for you, or provide guidance about your hospital experience.


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