1. Hospital Experience Assessment (HEA)

Hospital Experience Assessment (HEA)

Every candidate is required to complete a hospital experience assessment (HEA). The HEA will determine if you are practice ready (able to begin training in a practice) or if remaining in the hospital, provide you guidance regarding which disciplines you may still require.

Please obtain the required Statements of Service and access the portal below to submit documentation for assessment.

MCCC will review the information and Statements of Service (SOS) uploaded and provide you with a letter stating if you are deemed ‘practice ready’ to commence training in-practice or undertake an Advanced Skills placement or provide further information if you are not.

Before commencing your submission

  • Ensure you allow enough time to complete your submission in one sitting where possible
  • Once you have started the process you won’t be able to access your submission on another computer as it will only be held in the original computer’s cache (memory)
  • Have all your Statements of Service covering the disciplines/time you wish to be assessed
  • Non-Victorian Paediatric ED Statement – a letter from the ED Manager will be required to verify the percentage of paediatric presentations
  • First full general registration certificate (not applicable for current interns).

Registrars who have indicated they wish to commence in practice, will receive their outcome prior to the registrar placement process commencing.

Important: The practice readiness assessment is not an application or approval for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).