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AGPT graduate tracking study

Project team:

  • Associate Professor Caroline Laurence (University of Adelaide)
  • Dr Taryn Elliott (GPEx)
  • Ms Isabel Broderick (WAGPET)
  • Ms Linda Moon (MCCC)
  • Ms Alana Nesire (MCCC)
  • Dr Michael Bentley (GPTT)
  • Ms Tricia Minck (GPTT)
  • Associate Professor Jill Benson (GPEx)
  • Associate Professor Janice Bell (WAGPET)
  • Ms Chris Cook (GPEx)


Each Regional Training Organisation (RTO)


August 2017 – July 2018

Description of project:

To examine the effectiveness of the AGPT Program in addressing geographic maldistribution

  • describe the current scope of practice of GPs who have undergone AGPT training
  • identify changes in location and scope of practice since graduation
  • identify personal and professional retention factors associated with GPs location and scope of practice

Conference presentations:

Abstract GP18

Abstract Rural Medicine Australia 2018