2019 Rural Talent Development Award, Our Award Winners

Georgia Smith – Monash University Mildura campus

We are proud to announce Georgia Smith as the winner of the inaugural Rural Talent Development Award for Mildura, in collaboration with Monash University’s North West Regional Training Hub.

See Georgia’s acceptance speech here and read her impact statement below:

“I’ve spent the last two years in Bendigo, Mildura and Swan Hill and have fallen in love with becoming a rural GP. On the first day of my GP placement, a young newly pregnant woman excitedly finished her first antenatal consultation. As the GP went to fetch the next patient he mentioned, “isn’t that wonderful, I delivered that lady 22 years ago”. I think that was the moment that solidified my last 2 years of floating the comment “I think I’m steering towards rural GP”.

I’ve always been drawn to the personal connection part of medicine; the face to face, “this is a safe place to cry”, “how is this really impacting you?” kind of medicine. My rural GP placement had this quality in buckets (probably grubby ones, patched up with duct tape and finally coming to the bucket doc),and furthered my passion for continuation of care.

Throughout our placements, I’ve found that we’re presented with some really sad and tricky issues of rural disadvantage and poor health access. It is daunting to imagine combating these issues on our own, so this award is an example to me of how much excitement and support there is behind and between rural health care practitioners.

I also love the way the award promotes community involvement. I’ve found it really special to be welcomed into different communities, a recent highlight being my 1950’s Rock n Roll dancing debut. It’s been through these windows that I’ve learnt the most about the dynamics and values of the town and I look forward to many more years of this involvement to come”.