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Essendon Fields Medical Centre

Essendon Fields Medical Centre focuses on providing quality health care. They see patients from a wide demographic, including those from a local retirement village, children and otherwise fit and healthy people who are injured at work, or require pre-employment medicals.

“We have the OHS side, so if registrars are interested in that, they can see Workcover or workplace injury patients and learn how to write certificates of capacity,” Practice Manager, Julie Phang said.

“That’s useful, because Workcover can come up in general practices quite often – it’s not as hard as they [registrars] think, but because it’s unknown it can be a bit of a scary area for some people.”

Registrars placed at the centre have access to two dedicated mentors, Dr Yi-Lee Phang and Dr Brett D’Cunha, who are proactive in providing them with guidance, constructive feedback and different perspectives.

The centre also has a large treatment room for minor procedures, with three beds, so registrars are able to develop their suturing skills. The team puts effort into creating a positive environment for new doctors, including managing their workload.

“We take new registrars around to meet everyone on the team,” she said.

“We used to throw parties. At the moment, of course, we have our masks on and we need to try and keep the 1.5 metre distance when possible.

“When a new doctor starts, we flag with reception to be aware not to give them too much work until they’ve found their feet – we’re happy to block out extra admin
or appointment time while the registrar is getting used to it.”

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