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Daylesford, Trentham – Springs Medical

Springs Medical has a strong commitment to team-building amongst registrars, supervisors and staff. One of the north west region’s larger teaching practices with sites in Daylesford, Trentham and Kyneton, they made a rapid transition to COVID-19 procedures from March 2020, splitting into two teams to prevent the shutting down of operations in the event of a positive case.

“We tried to move really quickly, to protect the staff and community,” General Manager Emma Johns said.

“Otherwise, we risked having to close the clinic for three days, which would be a disaster in our area.

“Daylesford is a tourist town, so we have lots of people coming in from different areas every weekend.”

The practice worked to foster a team environment for their new registrars despite the challenges of COVID.

“The poor registrars, they came in February and it really hit the fan a couple of weeks after that,” Emma said.

“We’d normally have an all-staff, catered welcome for registrars, but we couldn’t bring the team together.

“We spread supervision across both teams, to make sure registrars were supported and created a resource pack for all doctors on operating remotely with telehealth.”

Springs Medical was also able to maintain one of its most popular activities during the pandemic – the ‘soup-off’ cooking competition (with COVID-safe food handling procedures, of course), which created a bit of a friendly rivalry between the staff while they were split into teams across the sites.

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