The team at Sydney Child Health Program has developed a COVID-19 education module for GPs and primary healthcare workers in preparation for the transition of care of kids with COVID-19 back into the community.

This module comes at an important time for GPs and primary care who are looking to stay updated with safe practices and strategies to manage children with COVID-19, as the virus progresses.

The free of charge resources are available here.

More information

This learning module provides a comprehensive overview of COVID-19 epidemiology and describes the important clinical features of COVID-19 as the disease progresses. It is designed to provide healthcare workers with strategies to safely practice and manage children with COVID-19 in the community, and to recognise when to escalate care.

The module consist of complimentary webcasts and a variety of resources to support a holistic approach and provide strategies on how to:

  • engage children and families,
  • assess the impacts on education, and
  • manage the direct and indirect stresses of COVID-19.